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Our Values

Values are critical to our organization, and they are part of what makes us Open Commit. If you are interested in joining us, or just want to know a little bit more about us, check out what we have written below.

Pursuit of Knowledge

We care about personal development and the "you learn something new every day concept". Our team and reviewer community are life-long learners and take time every week to revise and improve their knowledge, so we can make a bigger difference in your organization. We are committed to education, pursuing knowledge, and using every experience as something we can learn from.

Professional Growth

We are always looking for ways to grow professionally and expand our knowledge about code review and mentorship. We believe in the power of dedication - and having a curious mind that drives your work. Open Commit works hard to create an environment for growth, because it is in that environment where you can truly make a difference. We look for this characteristic in every reviewer and team member, and it fuels our ambition and learning inside Open Commit. We accept and learn from failure, and help others when they are having trouble. We also love the moments where we discover something new without research.

Build Fast

A key part of our culture is to build and ship fast. We ship fast, and fix things fast when they go wrong, and use those experiences as an opportunity to learn. Every day we launch new experiments in pursuit of building a better platform and community. We listen to the ideas of our users and reviewers, and execute on many of them to build a product that is best for everyone.


Ricky Yean

YC Alum

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