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Why Engineering Experts Review at Open Commit

Have you ever been in a position where you wouldn't be where you are today without someone who supported you and provided you with actionable advice? That's what we are trying to provide for beginner developers and teams.

Interested in joining our community of reviewers?


Make a Difference

We match you with projects you can meaningfully contribute to based on your expertise. We also help pair teams up with reviewers to ensure you’re going to have a great reviewing experience.

Network and Build Your Brand

You’ll get the opportunity to grow your brand in an ever more competitive job market , and network with a group of hundreds of Reviewers.

Deepen Your Knowledge

Reviewing code allows you to acquire knowledge about best practices, and collaborate with other experts who can help you write better code reviews. Also you will hone your communication and writing abilities.

Review On Your Terms

Review as often or as little as you want, and customize your schedule. Your time is valuable, so we make sure that you can select the reviews you want to complete - just focus on writing actionable reviews.